Why Should I Buy an Ipad?

Over 100 million unites sold within 24 months. And we still have to ask this question?

The world went crazy for the Ipad Tablet. Except me of course. Yet it seemed like everybody wanted to buy one of these things. That’s why Apple Inc. moved so many of them when it was first released. Now that’s an impressive launch.

I don’t think people are still as excited for that particular product as they were a few years ago. With respect to it’s place in history, there are other options on the market now.

You can’t release a ground breaking product like the Ipad and not expect fierce competition. Even when they gave us the Ipad Mini, Amazon and Samsung still eat up some of Apple’s market share.

Special Features of the Ipad.

What’s so special about the Ipad anyway? Can I get these features in another device? Do I even need some of the features it comes with?

I guess it would depend on my needs and interests. I like the look and feel of the Ipad. But that’s not going to be enough to convince me to buy it.

The truth is, Apple’s Ipad 2 was excellently made. It’s top of the line in hardware. For example the battery life is usually twice as long as other devices. And is has a dual core processor which should perform very well.

It’s software is also ahead of other devices. Their app store comes with 1.5 millions Apps. The Andriod app store doesn’t have nearly as much apps (at the time of this writing). Also, it’s default operating system Mac OS X is free of hacks like malware or snooping software.

There is also front and rear facing camera’s that you can use with the Face Time App, which I would love to try and can see myself using on a regular bases.

But really, the features are so varying and diverse, only a trial would reveal how useful it is. I’m not sure that’s practical if I am also trying other devices. I might start with the Ipad and end with the Ipad.

Drawbacks of the Ipad (limitations)

Apple Inc. Need I say more. The Ipad’s biggest drawback is the company that makes it. This company controls what goes on their devices. This would include software and web content. Apple restricts certain types of content on their devices. They restricted Adobe Flash technology and any app they don’t approve of.

On the other hand, Other manufacturers do not control what software products or content is on their devices. And by the way, Andriod is open source technology.

Cost may also be a problem. Again the company that makes this product also dictates it’s price. And the Ipad is not cheap. While other brands are sometimes more than 50% cheaper.

I’m sure from a technology stand point it has plenty of drawbacks compared to other devices. But again, finding the nuances may not be very practical.

Is the Ipad right for me?

For me? Maybe not. But you might like it. Personally I don’t like Apple products for personal or business usage. It’s that cult following thing. I’m a PC guy. I like Android already because my phone comes with Android. The transition would be seamless for personal use. And I would only use Windows for business.

But don’t get me wrong. It’s a very nice gadget. And I’m sure it would be enjoyable to own one.

With so many Tablet options besides this one, the cost factor and the open source attribute (I’m a Developer), I am tempted to pass on this.

So why should I buy an Ipad?

The Ipad is something I can see myself using. It’s perfect for personal use including video chatting, games, music, movies and whatever else it’s millions of Apps can offer. But it would be a novelty device for me really. It would be something to keep as a special collectable type item.

For business use I would stick to Windows tablets. But I’m not sure I can do much more than check stats, research or meetings. The Andriod Tablets would be great for personal use. Not so much business with those.

So why should I buy an Ipad? Because it’s special, original, beautiful, fun and a status symbol. It’s most likely very useful outside of fun stuff if you’re a mac person.


What about you? Is this a device you can see yourself owning and enjoying?

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