Who is the real Internet Business Promoter?

What a common Internet Business Promoter has to offer.

Internet Business Promoters often offer tons of visitor traffic to your website. They guarantee placement in the top of organic search results.

They often boast of industry leading techniques that are exclusive. Claims they have/are experts with more than a decade of experience.

And even claim they can beat any of your competition. All this in less than a week. And of course with big returns on investment.

There seems to be some fluff. Where is it?

What the promoters are selling is fine, but there’s fluff somewhere. The fluff is what they would like to offer, and not what is actually delivered.

They make ridiculous claims that can’t be backed up. Let me make this clear; No one person or company can guarantee top natural ranking on Google. Large amounts of traffic in a short amount of time is not an every day event unless it’s truly targeted and viral.

The down side is the wasting of bandwidth and other resources for little turnover on visitors who’re not interested.

It takes significantly more time than two weeks to get any significant organic placement on Google and other search engines. And if your domain is brand new, forget about an Alexa ranking until it hits 6 months old.

There’s also this claim they can beat any competition in a very short time frame. Yes the internet levels the playing field, but the competition is usually a step ahead.

New ventures in most cases have to work for months and even years to attain what they have. More often than not, they fail. This is true online as it is offline.

The experienced internet promoter of 5 years ago has little to offer from those years. Change happens fast and often. The methods and techniques are not the same. As the internet is not the same.

Facing the real Internet Business Promoter

When you meet the real Internet Business Promoter, you will not notice at first. No bells will go off. No warning signs will flash. Because, the service offered will sound the same as any other.

This is where it becomes tricky. One way to know is by watching the ROI. The return on investment is one way to judge the true effectiveness of an Ad campaign. This takes patience.

Also there will be down turns in the return. At these times, strategy and organization is the key to staying the course.

The real internet promoter will drive mostly interested customers your way. They understand that every visitor is a chance for a turnover. They will rarely spend time pursuing random referrals and place priority on those that are targeted.

Strategy on finding the most talented.

To find the right company or individual to handle your promotions in a modern market is not exactly easy.

Many business promoters rely on out-dated methods, or simply focus too much on offline promotions. The one you are looking for is someone with technical experience in website development, online content preparation skills, keyword research and analysis experience.

This person must be familiar with all the most highly trafficked websites. And be able to prepare text, image or video ads (content) for these various websites.

The real Internet Business Promoter will interview you.

The real Internet Business Promoter will not take a chance on a company, product or service they know will fail.

The promoter with a good eye for winning business plans will ask questions to determine the possibility of success. They will seem like an investigator, there to find out what you are doing, rather than rushing to take the job.

When they are satisfied that you can most likely achieve a positive ROI, only then will they want you as a client. Therefore an interview is actually an evaluation on the part of the Promoter of you and your business.

Some flexibility and versatility will be required for success.

Technology is often evolving. Morphing into partial representations of the original applications. The methods applied will often have to be revisited and revised.

With these ever changing landscapes, a business can be up or down. Flexibility and versatility in your Marketing will allow you to better position your business in-front of internet users who are interested.


In the end, when your advertising dollars are spent. If the gross earnings is not handsomely more than the initial investment, and even after thorough review by your Marketing people, then you must consider looking for the real Internet Business Promoter. The one who is always up-to-date with the latest ways to promote a business.