Responsive Email Template: Crazy Duck

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Crazy Duck is a mobile responsive email template designed for the busy professional. Its layout is a basic sales letter with two multi colored Call To Action buttons and plenty of space for text and images.

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Business communications are done primarily through Email these days. In many cases formal sales pitches are done in a plain text format via email. This was not something I particularly liked. And I didn’t think it was very effective in generating new leads and sales.

I created a simple, yet professional HTML Email Template. This template format has helped cultivate tens of thousands of dollars in new business and keeps on working for me.

This layout of this email template was designed to be cross browser compatible, mobile responsive and compatible with all Email Programs including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Express and more.

It currently comes in two theme colors which are red and blue. I do plan on adding more colors in future updates.

How to setup and edit the responsive email template

Email still uses an older version of HTML and therefore it is very limited in it’s features and functionality. As an example, JavaScript cannot be executed within a sent email. These and other limitations should be taken into consideration when setting up and configuring this template.

Custom Applications:

Often a sales email (or HTML email) will be integrated into an application written in PHP or similar language. This may be included in a CRM system for example, and this system may be web-based.

When setting up the function/method that will send the email, insure the content type header is included in the output. With PHP I use this: Content-type: text/html\r\n. This line of code may vary based on the platform/system on which the application is being built.

Another important set of codes are the opening and closing html and body tag (<html><body>, </html></body>). This must be included in custom setups to finalize the basic configuration.

Most important is the actual template codes. Open the template by double clicking it, then right click and select “view source”. Copy the raw output and use this in your custom application. Place it between the opening html and body tags and the closing html and body tags mentioned above.

Web Based Email Programs such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or HotMail:

It’s really simple to use this responsive email template in your everyday email programs like Yahoo and Gmail.

Simply double click and open the template in the browser. Press and hold the Ctrl key, then press C key which will copy the template codes. Then paste (Ctrl + V) this directly into the body area of the email composer.

You should see the full (styled) version of the template pop right into the body area where it is ready for editing. You can replace text, drag in a new image, or update the links as needed.

Ms Outlook, Thunderbird and other Desktop based email Software:

Coming soon!


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