Is the Tesla Powerwall Overpriced?

What is the Powerwall?

The Powerwall is a new commercial battery pack powered by solar energy and made for the common home. It will be produced by Tesla Motors Inc. and can be reserved on the Tesla Powerwall Website.

Powerwall batteries are made from lithium ion, available in 10kwh and 7kwh capacity, and outputs 350 to 450 volts. These units are mounted on the wall and are rechargeable. They require installation by a trained electrician and do not come with an AC-DC inverter.

What are some alternatives to Powerwall?

Cheap silicon batteries are in abundance these days. China produces millions every month. One example is deep cycle 6V lead calcium batteries which you can buy on Amazon. These can be combined with 120-watt solar panels and a 1700 watt inverter and produce more power than one Powerwall.

One drawback to using what’s currently available is performance and lifespan. The Powerwall is designed to last over ten years, something many batteries cannot match. These batteries also cannot regulate their own recharge cycles which helps save money by charging when costs are lowest.

How can the Powerwall change the world?

Changing the world is a big claim. But this battery might very well do that. It’s a bit premature – but Elon Musk explains how people in remote parts of the world can skip over existing power systems and adapt this technology faster.

Is the Powerwall overpriced?

The Powerwall battery is priced very high at $3000 and $3500 for the 7kwh version. Compared to the currently available batteries and additional equipment cost, this product does come at a premium.

Regardless, when comparing performance and lifespan, this product promises to last as much as 20 years and performs very well if not better than other options.

I don’t think the Powerwall is overpriced – in fact, it may be perfectly priced.

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