My Path to Self Employment

How I became self employed

I’ve had a desire to be self employed since I was a kid. In 2002 I started a small business that really didn’t take off. But we made some deals and a few bucks. That really opened my eyes to the idea that I could, with hard work, be my own boss.

Although I did go back to a day job since starting my business, I never lost my burning desire to be independent or at least be at the head of my own company.

While building my business (very slowly I might add), I started programming more. I built a website from ground up on my own. I was writing scripts and applications to pull data from an API information source so that I can resell. I was running Pay-Per-Click campaigns, building a mailing list and generating a few sales.

This education and experience was priceless. After shifting gears in late 2007, I become a freelancer offering Web Development services to individuals and companies. It liberated me beyond words. I went on to make thousands of dollars on my own. Something I still do today.

The benefits of working at home.

Working from home is a big dream for allot of people. Where a few very aggressive individuals will want to be rich, many just want a good income, make their own schedule and work where it’s convenient. I have this ability currently.

I wake when I want (usually before 9am, but that’s just how my body operates). I go to bed as late I want or take naps in the middle of the afternoon without fear of not being at work. I can do my 8 hours whenever I want. I can split the day up to do the other things that might be important and still make the hours. Often I will work from 9 to 5 and then a few more hours in the evening.All by choice.

Besides all of that, the greatest benefit to working at home is babysitting for my brother. I don’t have any kids of my own, and the situation calls for Uncle to step in. Child care is one of the biggest struggles of the modern American family. Working from home can give you time to spend with the kids. Often these available hours are crucial to the well being of the family.

The drawbacks of working at home.

With that being said, It wouldn’t be fair to not tell you the problems with working from home and being and independent worker. Finding clients can be a challenge. Discussing business with them in a noisy and distracting environment is not very productive or professional. If you are going to work from home, its important you know how to get your work and nurture your clients.

I’m a homebody by nature. But many people aren’t. Some people find their homes very depressing and think that life’s excitement is outside the home. For me sitting here behind this computer is all I really need to have a complete work day.

But for the couped up, having an office space (you can share office space if it’s too expensive), where they work either alone or with others is also highly, if not more productive. In the future I will have a corporate office to get out a little. Because even a homebody needs that.

The future I’m striving for.

Currently I am trying to grow this blog WebDevStar. I want to see it become as successful as Darren Rowse’s or John Chow’s JohnChow Dot Com. This will not be easy, but I will try. I will continue to take on client work for web development and internet marketing. That’s what pays the bills at the moment.

I”m also promoting a few affiliate products and working hard to make money in online marketing. For me it’s all about long term passive income streams. Although I love to build websites for others, I would like to have a few sites generating income for me even if I stop working.

To sum it up

I work from home and you can too. Find your clients and work in a lucrative market and you will be able to call the shots, and make your own schedule. Their are great benefits to working at home, but also a few drawbacks. You can still be self employed and work in an office with others like your partners and friends.

* If you like this post and can share some experiences of being self employed, please leave a comment and let us know. If I was wrong about anything, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to make the corrections.

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  1. I am continuously working on my own path to self-employment. Right now I am working full time but am a web designer on the side. I frequently visit John Chow and Darren Rowse’s blogs to gain tips. As it seems we have similar goals, I’d like to follow your progress for inspiration if you don’t mind 🙂 I used the RSS subscribe button above but am getting a Feedburner error. I’ll check back as I’d like to subscribe via RSS since that’s where I read everything my in my free time.

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