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Robot Critique Vs Human Critique

In the game of life, there are humans and machines. Who the judge is, will be the focus of this article.

When judged by a robot, you’re on page SEO makes you a winner. Your code must be properly optimized for maximum interpretation by search engines.

But there is another factor: Humans!

Their opinion of you is a major influence on SE rankings. About 80% of your credibility is derived from what others think of you and how much they believe in your business.

If they bought your pitch, they will become an advocate, often mentioning your site. Some link back to it while anchoring the search terms that add value to your business.

This value is calculated by the robots, but it is entirely based on what other humans think and do for you.

How to please Humans

Pleasing the humans then becomes the important goal. This is traditional and probably will not change anytime soon.

What I mean is…no matter how much you think robots judge us…it’s really the people that decide your real worth. And always will.

Pleasing them will take the same skill as managing any normal human relationship.

So here is how you do it. You kiss them. And you keep on kissing until their in love.

What do I mean? Certainly not a real kiss!

A kiss is a term for unexpected benefit. It means, give them something they will go nuts for. Give them something that’s free, useful and adds to their value.

And try to make it a surprise. It will help you build stronger Human relationships.

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