The Top 7 Online Marketing Techniques

Make no mistake about it; These Online Marketing Techniques will be around for quiet a while.

I’ve been marketing online since 2002. Therefore I have a top down view of all the ways to promote a business online. I’ll cover some of the best options in this short, but sweet list.

1. Your own Affiliate Program. The reason this is number one IMO, is because almost all the other techniques bellow, your affiliates can do for you. Which will be hundreds or thousands of times more than you can do if you executed on these yourself. Even if you have a third party company like ClickBank or Commission Junction handle the management and deployment of it, you still stand to make a lot more and faster.

2. Post Publishing. This includes Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Site Pages, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and more…all in one. Why? It’s the content! No matter how long or short. To post any kind of content, weather it be text, video, images, or audio…it’s all about publishing.

3. Pay Per Click/Pay Per Impression. This stands on it’s own for obvious reasons, you have to open your wallets. It doesn’t matter if you try Adwords, Social Media Ads, or even Mobile Ads. Simply put, you pay to have your ads displayed and/or clicked on.

4. Email Marketing. Still people rely on this primitive messaging system. But for whatever reason, sending emails to people who want them ( with good content of course) is a great way to market your products or services.

5. Link Acquisition. Even though the above methods create links for a website, often you will have to go get the one way links from reputable and relative websites. That might mean engaging site owners by phone and email. Not 100% an online method. But all the referrals are from the internet. This helps in search engines and visits from the sites providing the link back to yours.

6. Classified Ads. With the success of CraigsList, it’s easy to see why placing free ads on classified sites will get you good targeted traffic. I do this and it does convert sales.

7. Free Applications. This is not at all like Post marketing. This is software applications, games, plugins and tools that are given away as free to use. It’s tricky, but if you can display ads to your free users, its a great technique to generate leads and sales.

This is an over arching list that does not includes all the finer nitty gritty work. Nevertheless I feel this allows a better understanding of what it takes to market your website online.

If you have any comments or questions about this list please leave your input bellow.


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