The cost of ignoring On-page SEO

Cost of No SEOThere are only so many things we can control. Algorithmic updates is not one of them. But what about ON PAGE SEO?

There are people who work very hard to solidify standards that even the Search Engines must adhere to.

Of course standards may only be enforced if there is true habituation by the masses.

So what’s costing you thousands of dollars every year?

Missing Sitemap

Your Website might have many pages with plenty of text content. If you’re still not receiving significant traffic, then perhaps your site is not properly indexed by Search Engines.

This could be caused by bad site navigation structure, lack of a sitemap, and of course, no Webmaster Tools account. You are losing thousands of visitors every year that goes by. And meanwhile you remain profitless from your website.

The Language of robots

There seems to be a miss-conception about content on the web. Some people really think only humans read this stuff. Don’t you realize how many robots actually live among us? They visit us every day in some cases. And their numbers are growing.

The problem at the moment is that robots don’t speak our exact language. While we may be able to title a book or article without even mentioning the main terms of the content, and still have a human understand it from just the title, a robot will probably give it a lower relevancy than what it actually is.

Now that I’ve mentioned that, not using relevant keywords in your titles is costing you big bucks. Not using the same keyword or keywords used in the title through out the body of the webpage is also hurting it’s ranking potential. Your pages are ranking much lower than they could and you are missing all the great traffic.

They’re just NOT walking into the store

In many cases you have a hot ranking on page one on a highly trafficked word, but the hits are not coming as you expect. Have you even considered what your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing looks like.

There are paid advertisements above and on the right side of the search engine results page. These are thought of as ads of course, but you should also think of a natural listing as an ad as well. And the site just below your site, may be well aware of that and craft a well defined ad for that space. Now you are losing hits and sales to them.


It takes only a few changes in the way you run your website that will make the difference in how much visitors you get. The things mentioned above are enough to get your pages ranked on many relevant keywords. Your site is fully capable of making a lot more money if it’s currently making any. But ignoring the items above might very well be costing you.

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