Solutions to Improve Flash SEO

What’s wrong with Flash SEO, is there remains indexing issues for search engines which damages visibility of a website. Flash is not Standards Compliant. Meaning the content is very hard for SE’s to follow in a structured order like HTML pages. Flash also uses mostly images where the content cannot be read by the search robots.

There’s more details about this issue. I will just list some resources because it has been covered thoroughly by others. I don’t want to just repeat what they said…so here goes:

Simple techniques for improving Flash SEO

What I want to cover is the simplest way to do SEO for Flash; Provide alternate HTML content for the search engines and other non flash users, and flip to Flash if the user can view it.

To do this you will need to add some JavaScript to the head of your HTML page that checks for Flash. If it’s a search bot, it will not be able to view flash, so it will see the regular text content.

To do this simply enclose the main area, where either the Flash or text content will appear, in a Div. Give the div an id so we can identify it with the JS.

Program the page like any other HTML page. Making sure the semantic structure is correct. The content must match what appears in the Flash. Otherwise this may be seen as masking.

Add the JS to the head of the document and do a check for Flash. If the user has it, push the Flash object to the Div. If not, don’t push anything. The text content should be presented.

Here is a detailed explanation and example of this method.

The future of Flash

Many people are praying for Flash’s downfall. Companies like Apple are determined to stifle the technology. And as much as I dislike working with Flash (partly because it offers no SEO benefit), I feel this is extremely unfair.

Standards or not, Adobe deserves to be supported and not discriminated against. That’s why Google is making an effort at developing methods to properly crawl Flash content.

The future of Flash is bright. The interactive multimedia benefit it offers cannot be mirrored by anything currently available. I’m skeptical HTML5 can be that beautiful or graceful. So for the people who love the brilliance of Flash…soon enough there will be ways to properly index it’s content. Until then, try an alternative method like I outline above.

If it turns out I’m wrong, and Flash dies, I will be testing the replacement.