Outsourcing Solutions To Multiplying your Productivity

Freelancers, CEO’s and Managers can greatly increase productivity with various outsourcing solutions. But, it’s important to remember this is real world coordination of people, production and money.

Therefore it’s vital that you know how to manage outsourcing and what services can help.

You will need support tools like a project management system such as Huddle. Which was featured on TechCrunch and ZDnet

Taking care of the cash in the beginning will be your responsibility. A financial/accounting program can offer tremendous benefits. John Chow offered some advice on this when he discussed accounting for a corporation.

Even then you must be disciplined with your income and reinvest consistently.

The risks are big. Potential loss of clients and money is two risks. Developing a bad reputation or burning bridges with workers is another.

The tips above is important for more than just income generation, it’s important for overall business stability.

Executed correctly, production output can be 10 times or more than what an individual can do. It must then follow, that so will your income increase.

Outsourcing can be done locally or internationally. For cheaper labor (in 2010), international outsourcing is the way to go. To find workers either way, Odesk is one great starting point.

I’ve used a few project management software, and I’ve reviewed Odesk. I feel with the combination of services like these, your experience will be positive.

Have you used Huddle or Odesk? Tell us what your experience was like bellow.