My Freelance Experience in the Big City

My big city is New York City. I’ve lived and worked here for the past 17 years. One thing I must throw out about city life is it’s very gritty.

There is on the other hand a method to the city life madness. Outsiders might find it overwhelming. But once you’ve established a footing, it seems we’re able to soar to new heights never before realized when living in a small town.

The pace is fast for sure. But the City also provides inspiration simply from observing it’s people. Some are the uber successful, while others are top of their field talents.

It makes me want to perform at the highest level of my abilities. Also acquiring new skills and tricks becomes a mission, because the competition is either on your back or just ahead.

Freelancing in the City

To be independent in a Big City is not really difficult. To be honest, there is so much demand here that unless you are completely incompetent, you’re sure to find work. It doesn’t help sharpen your marketing skills too much though. A small town Freelancer will have to work twice as hard to attract the same amount of interest in his service (IMO).

So go ahead and start Freelancing if you live in a City. Put out simple ads. Even if you have 1 thing on your portfolio, there’s a strong chance someone will be interested.

But that’s where the easy part ends. In the Big City the quality threshold is much higher. It becomes now your primary focus to provide a service that rivals the competition. Because once you deliver, the critique starts. Your work will be compared to the countless others. Because your clients will seek the advice of their family, friends, coworkers or staff. That’s a wide network for them to tap into to gain the insight they need to determine your true level of competency.

Future of Freelancing

At the beginning of the decade I remember there being a lot of talk about a work force shift. And to a large effect, that did happen. More people work at home now than back in those days. Obviously this is because computers are now owned by most Americans. (And people across the world).

As long as we have these tools and keep on acquiring the newest, we will strive to be independent or out of the corporate environment. In many cases, Freelancing is a stepping stone to true Entrepreneurship where your business is incorporated and hiring.

2 replies on “My Freelance Experience in the Big City”

  1. I would love to visit NYC again – even live there!

    The only problem is that I do realize the competition as you said. Landing jobs locally where I live isn’t all that difficult because of the lack of competition and quality.

    Looking through job listings on NYC sometimes, it’s really cutthroat but like you said, with so many people, you’re bound to land something.

    Maybe I’ll have an advantage when I do move coming from a small town. I could have an extensive portfolio beforehand 🙂

    Thanks for giving a glimpse in the life.

    1. Murlu,

      The competition is high in a big city, but it’s the volume of people looking for work that really makes the difference. Thanks for the feedback

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