How to Pre Plan a Website Before Development

Too many people rush into the development of their website without any initial planning. It’s like expecting a business loan without a business plan.

But where do you begin? And especially when you have no previous experience setting up a website.

Well it’s very straight forward and not that complicated. It just like any other business. Planning is important. So I will offer some advice and insight on how to pre plan a website before development.


The first thing you need to consider is demand. What kind of demand is there for the product or service your website will be offering? This is called the market.

Rarely does a new company create a market for their product or service. Most enter an already established market where others have proven success. You will need to spend some time researching markets to get an idea of the type of demand they hold.


The next thing to take into account is promotion. How will you promote the site? Do you have an advertising budget? If you don’t, do you have the time or man power to do free promotions?

Think seriously about this, because it will make any site fail miserably or achieve great success. You have to promote it. And you will often not get love from search engines without some work or payment on your part.


Another thing to consider is site features. Please do not think that all the fancy buttons and slick sliders is what has to be on a site.

Think practically about what your visitors will have to do to convert for you.

Adding filler features may do more harm than good. Often it’s the users that will request certain features added to a site. Only then will you truly know what they want. Weigh that against what you want and come to some kind of balance that benefits both parties.

Now this is not nearly the complete list of things to consider before website development starts. But they are the core of the pre plan phase. Spending some time on this will only help you towards your ultimate goal of having a successful online business.