Why do you want to be a Blogger? Do you want to be a Blogger for the fame? Do you want to be a Blogger to earn a living or even a side income?

It takes a lot of guts and creative energy to run a Blog.

It takes hard work, discipline, charisma, and pure determination, to run a high income earning Blog.

Are you crazy? If you’re not crazy, maybe you’re a genius, ready to birth the next great Blog.

In any case, why are you asking the question, “how to be a Blogger”?

This question can be asked in other ways, like how to create a blog, or how to start a blog. I will assume this is what you wanted to know.

But let me briefly address your question – directly.

To be a Blogger, a person must write and publish topic focused articles regularly on the Web, similar to journal entries. It’s like being a Wino (wine drinker). You have to do it, to be it.

Blogging is about sourcing and sharing information. It’s also about presenting information in interesting ways, building an audience, earning income from the blog, and much more.

What is a Blog?

You should have a basic understanding of what it means to be a Blogger at this point.

But what really is a Blog you may ask, and how does it work specifically? Blogs are websites, social streams, and even video channels.

The traditional Blog is a collection of long-form posts, that are mostly text but may include images, videos, and even audio – that are posted on a website dedicated to similar topics.

Most blogs today run on the WordPress platform. But there are many other blogging platforms like Tumblr and Live Journal.

WordPress is called a Content Management System or CMS for short. It’s called this because it allows site owners to update the site’s content without writing new code.

It is a system built using the PHP Web Scripting language, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript primarily.

This software package can be installed on a web server and has an administrative system. The owner can log in, create posts, and publish posts.

Blogging platforms are very mature and come with countless features and add-ons.

[Click to Enlarge]wp-snap

A blog can be a way to earn income for you and your family. This is also what it means to be a blogger.

Blogging as work is not that hard in terms of technical skills. The average person can make money from a blog if he/she learns how to use it properly.

Commercial blogs are far beyond personal journals today and are often fully operational businesses.

How do you set up a blog?

Installation of WordPress usually takes a few minutes.

This is because most website hosting companies provide automated software to get the system setup and ready for further configurations.

[Click to Enlarge]wp-installatron-snap

Other platforms like Tumblr do not require any custom packages installed. These are called hosted blogging platforms because they do not require you to buy your own hosting.

These services usually offer a free beginner account with upgrades where needed. WordPress also offers free blog accounts through WordPress.com.

But typically people buy their own hosting and install the “self-hosted” WordPress package.

If you happened to purchase hosting where the automated installation service is not available, then WordPress can also be installed manually. This process also takes a few minutes if done correctly.

How to create content for your blog

The purpose of content is to be advocates for your brand. These advocates are distributed wide and far in the form of links to gather viewers, who turn into visitors.

These people come back to your site for the full publications, and for related publications.

And then they begin to trust your brand. When an offer is made, they are more likely to make a purchase.


The research will be the central part of your article development process.

First, keyword research, then competitive research, and thereafter resources gathering.

How to do keyword research

How this works is very simple and it is the core of search marketing today.

The people who use the internet primarily use Search Engines. These can be Google, Bing, Yelp, Siri, and much more.

The specific words they type or speak is called, in this context, a “keyword”, “keyphrase”, “search term”, “term”.

You must find out how many people are using a word or set of words (phrases) on those websites. This will tell you what the demand is for various terms/phrases.

Now, here is where it gets tricky. This data is not publicly available on most of those sites.

For Google, the best way to get the data is through an Adwords account.

Adwords is Google’s bread and butter. This is their Advertising program, which drives billions in revenue for their company.

As an Adwords member, you will have access to their Keyword Planner.

This will tell you the search volume trend over time for any keyword you enter.


Don’t forget the organic traffic is where the money is. This brings the volume of practically free traffic.

Research shows over 80% of clicks go to organic listings vs paid listings.

You can actually run Adwords advertising if you want but that is a separate article altogether.

Additionally, do not get carried away with keyword targeting.

Search Engine technology will filter pages with excessive use of any term. Write naturally, but consider primary and secondary terms usage to ensure you are not missing the mark altogether.

There are other reliable sources of keyword search volume data.

But again, they are limited based on what these search companies make available.

Today Google still is the biggest search engine on desktops and mobile based on usage for both text and voice queries.

Once you have gotten the search volume data – showing you what type of demand there is for a search term – you will need to know what websites are targeting your choice words or specific topic.

On Google, after the search results are displayed, just below the search bar will be the total number of pages with your search terms.


But this is not how to determine actual competition.

It is just one of a few tools/methods you can use.

And a plain search like in the pic above is not what you are trying to do. This is a very broad and inaccurate search showing any and everywhere a term is mentioned.

To get a filtered list showing exact matches you have to add quotes around the search term.

With single terms, just using quotes probably won’t make a difference in total results. But with multiple word phrases, it gets pretty specific.

You are looking for terms with high search volume, and low amount of pages using the term or phrase.

From my personal experience, under 5000 pages with the search terms would be a good indication of low competition.

Neil Patel, one of the most well-known bloggers in the world, wrote an extensive article detailing all the search operators you can use to further refine your results.

How do you market a blog?

What is SEO?

By following the steps above to make your articles more relevant for search terms people are actively using, you are marketing your blog from the very start.

This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

When you don’t have a marketing budget, SEO is one of most lucrative ways to drive sales or build an audience.

The steps above are just some of the requirements of good SEO.

Other ingredients include inlinks, and outlinks, quality of grammar, depth of topic, length of content, speed of page, and much more. It cannot be covered in one article.

To learn SEO, read blogs like Quick Sprout, Search Engine Land, ProBlogger, and similar websites. They provide anything from basic to advance lessons on the subject.

How do you market on Social Media?

On most social platforms, building an audience is more important than direct selling. Although there are instances where a direct offer can work, it is not recommended to directly promote a product or service.

Most people use Social Media to have fun, connect with friends, and get interesting content. It’s the “get interesting content” part you need to pay attention to.

Find what the need to know information related to your product is, create media using this information, and publish that media on these various social websites.

Media is images, videos, articles, audio, even games.

The people will consume this content and be satisfied.

When they are satisfied, they share, like, and follow your page. Your page stays strong while growing.

But, don’t forget, the most important thing you want them to do is to read an article, which means they must come back to your site to finish reading.

As a blogger, if you can grow an audience, you are doing a good job.

Getting them to visit your site in droves to consume content is the basis for the modern online media company.

With readers, now you can present an offer. The offer can be in the form of advertising for others, or your own products and services.

Other Forms of Marketing

I cannot discuss every form of marketing here.

These other forms of marketing including Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, and Various Offline marketing.

Take time to research other forms of marketing and decide what is right for your new blog.


Starting a blog can be a great way to earn income for you and your family.

It could simply be a form of expression for a creative.

Whatever it is, you can start blogging on various platforms, that are all pretty much free or very cheap to begin.

Blogging is about creating new content about various subject matters.

It is what search engines want. The more authoritative your content is, the more web visitors it will attract.

Are you interested in starting a blog today?