Feedback Box Vintage

How much feedback should I expect?

The amount of feedback you get from your buyers will vary and that is also based on a few factors. According to discussions on the Ebay community site, the percentage of feedback from sales can range from 20% to above 50%. For Amazon, the amount of feedback to sales is much lower than Ebay.

Can I get 100% feedback?

Some people claim 100% feedback using various tactics, but I suspect this is probably the exception and not the norm. Also directly asking for feedback is tricky and can annoy some buyers. Harassing or threatening a customer for positive feedback may also violate the guidelines of that Marketplace, so be careful how you ask.

What does it take to get more positive feedback?


In retail sales, customer interaction is a major part of creating a great experience for buyers. This is broken down into verbal and written communications. Verbal communication should be intelligent, non-contradictory, convincing (speaker must have conviction and confidence), short and precise, clear and not confusing. Written communication must have almost prefect grammar and spelling. Easy to read sentences, and good separation between paragraphs/topic blocks.


Besides communication, presentation of the store and listings are important. Higher quality images, designs, and layouts that look like bigger retailers will help increase customer/brand loyalty – which should translate into more feedback. It is also critical not to misrepresent products as doing or being more than they are.

Special Strategies

There is one strategy I want to share that seems to generate a higher rate of feedback. This method is currently being used by a store that generates 500K to 700K monthly through Ebay. What they do is send out a business card with all deliveries. The card has a message on the back that gently nudges the buyer to leave feedback.

Of course I would be cautious. This could open the door to higher amounts of negative feedback than would normally be the case. So this method can backfire if other aspects of the business is failing or the products are of lower quality.

In Conclusion

It takes a combination of communication, design, and a side trick or two to generate more feedback that is hopefully mostly positive.