How to Use Established Standards to Create a Great Website

Ignoring standards in Web Development is like raising a child in the jungle. That child will not perform well in normal society when mature. When you build anything, it must be adapted to the fundamental features of similar products. At least to some degree. When I started building websites over 15 years ago, it was […]

HTML5 Audio Tag Tutorial

HTML5 is here and so is the long awaited Audio Tag. They said it would take a decade or more, but it’s quickly being adopted by popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Although it’s not a W3C recommendation yet (at the time of this writing), there is enough support to start experimenting and developing […]

How to Pre Plan a Website Before Development

Too many people rush into the development of their website without any initial planning. It’s like expecting a business loan without a business plan. But where do you begin? And especially when you have no previous experience setting up a website. Well it’s very straight forward and not that complicated. It just like any other […]

Why are You Not Using the Best WordPress Plugins?

You might be writing constantly, but are you using some of the best WordPress plugins? These plugins have been tried, approved and used by many bloggers. These applications add very useful features that enhance your blog. They can help provide a far better experience for your websites community. Implementing any of these will offer great […]

5 UI Design Improvements You Need to Make on Your Website Today

User Interface Design refers to the production of the system Users will interact with. This can be a website, a content management system, applications, software, wireless devices and more. I will cover 5 common mistakes website developers make when designing the user’s system. Although this topic is extensive with many advance principles, I will try […]