How to Use Established Standards to Create a Great Website

Ignoring standards in Web Development is like raising a child in the jungle. That child will not perform well in normal society when mature. When you build anything, it must be adapted to the fundamental features of similar products. At least to some degree. When I started building websites over 15 years ago, it was […]

The cost of ignoring On-page SEO

There are only so many things we can control. Algorithmic updates is not one of them. But what about ON PAGE SEO? There are people who work very hard to solidify standards that even the Search Engines must adhere to. Of course standards may only be enforced if there is true habituation by the masses. […]

How to Track Views on Craigs List Ads

UPDATE: This article is no longer useful. Craigslist has disallowed embedded images in their posts and this tracking method is obsolete. I’ve made thousands of dollars from leads generated by CraigsList Ads. At first I didn’t care how much views my ads received. I only cared about who called me or clicked on my website’s […]

Initiated Online – Building Authority

Robot Critique Vs Human Critique In the game of life, there are humans and machines. Who the judge is, will be the focus of this article. When judged by a robot, you’re on page SEO makes you a winner. Your code must be properly optimized for maximum interpretation by search engines. But there is another […]

The Top 7 Online Marketing Techniques

Make no mistake about it; These Online Marketing Techniques will be around for quiet a while. I’ve been marketing online since 2002. Therefore I have a top down view of all the ways to promote a business online. I’ll cover some of the best options in this short, but sweet list. 1. Your own Affiliate […]

Ebay Partners Vs Amazon Affiliate

Are you interested in becoming an online Affiliate Marketer? Are you disappointed with the performance of other programs? Then eBay Partner Network or Amazon Associates Program might be more beneficial to your business. I’ll do a basic comparison of these two services to determine how they differ from each other. What’s the difference between Ebay […]

Who is the real Internet Business Promoter?

What a common Internet Business Promoter has to offer. Internet Business Promoters often offer tons of visitor traffic to your website. They guarantee placement in the top of organic search results. They often boast of industry leading techniques that are exclusive. Claims they have/are experts with more than a decade of experience. And even claim […]