5 Downloadable Logo Creation Software

Great logos are like super talented people. Many will be loyal to the brand becuase of it, and this can equate to millions of additional revenue for a company.

That’s why this list of the best logo creation software was assembled. Crafting a top performing asset that represents your company is not always easy.

The Logo, is the most powerful and dynamic attribute of a business. It can be central, or foundational. If the company is lucky enough, their logo can even become a pop culture icon.

Everything must be considered when designing a logo. Everything! From the name of your company, the uniqueness of the logo, various media type compatibility, and the future use of the logo. It’s like a face.

People get it wrong all the time, including me.

Logos are not always good as vector. Vector is limited. Logos are more dynamic when the owner maintains a master copy that can be edited by an application. This gives the owner greater flexibility in producing logos of any size, resolution, print ready, or for limited color devices as needed.

Problems with Freestyle graphic software.

Most business owners today who run websites need logos all the time. They often lack digital graphic design skills. I don’t need proof, 10 years of contracting has confirmed this.

It’s very nice to try Photoshop or Gimp, but ultimately, there is a freestyle aspect to these and often will not produce anything worth telling your wife about.

What you need is a software made specifically for logo design, something with lots of elements, design options, layout templates and various import and export features.

I’ve created a list of the 5 best logo creation software that’s also available for instant download online. Take your pick and start creating professional and good looking logos for all your websites.

So here they are – and in no particular order:

1. Logo Design Studio 4

Logo Design Studio 4This software is made by Summitsoft Corp. It includes over 1500 logo templates, 5000+ graphic objects and hundreds of font types and tag line examples. It has special effects for actions, animations, balloons and more. It’s currently only available for PCs and weighs 484 MB.

2. Logo Design Studio Pro Vector

Logo Design Studio ProThis software is made by Summitsoft Corp. It’s much more robust than #1 above. It includes more than 2000 logo templates, over 6000 graphic objects, and over 500 tag line examples and font types. This software is also Vector based which is useful in producing broadly compatible logos. This software also has a sales dashboard that allows graphic designers easy management of their business. It’s currently only available for PCs and weighs 1200 MB.

3. Xara 3D Maker

Xara 3d MakerThis software is made by Magix. Not exactly a logo maker, but works practically the same. It allows you to create 3d based animations. It includes over 1000 graphic elements, font types and textures. It also comes with 700+ animation layouts. This software is useful for flat, 3d or animated logos and banners with various export formats and image import capabilities. It’s only available for Windows XP or Windows 7 based systems and weighs 20 MB.

4. Macware Logo Design Studio Pro v 2.0

Mac Logo Design Studio ProThis software is made by Macware. It’s specifically made for the Mac Computers. It includes over 1000 logo templates, 2000+ graphic elements that are editable. It also has 500 plus textures and backgrounds. But one thing I didn’t notice is the amount of font types included. This software is not available for download but I listed it anyway because of the limited mac based software in the market.

5. Logo Designer for Mac or PC

This software was made by Individual Software. It available for both PC and Mac. This software was made to be simple and easy to use. It comes with over 150 font types, a step by step tutorial, animation features and 3 logo applications (whatever that means). It weighs 850MB.


There are not many software made for logo creation. And the list gets even slimmer for downloadable versions.

But I feel this list is very good and I would be satisfied with any of these options. By the way I do use The Logo Creator V5 from laughingbird. But I don’t think that software is nearly as good as any from this list. This is because of the limited graphic elements, and font type options.

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