5 Tested XML Sitemap Creation Tools

One of the most important things you can do for your websites is to add an XML Sitemap. The sitemap tools listed below are all free, online based, software independent and tested by me to make sure they all work.

Best of all there is no sign up required to use any of these tools. Their features do vary. Some provide details of the scan, others allow over 500 urls to be included.

Sitemap Tools

  1. www.sitemapdoc.com/
  2. www.xml-sitemaps.com
  3. www.resourceseo.com/sitemaps.php
  4. www.sitemapspal.com/
  5. www.scriptsocket.com/sitemaps.php

It’s important that your Sitemap is linked from your homepage. You will also need to create a Webmaster account with Google and any other search engine that provides this service. Then submit it from within the control panel.

This will allow better indexing and the inclusion of more urls in the search index. Which of course leads to more organic hits.

If you need help setting up a Sitemap or Webmaster tools account, contact me and I will provide some assistance.