Buying a webcam is like buying yourself a used car. It can end up being a lemon or your “old reliable”.

Even if you bought a used cam, my list of the best webcams will not include any lemons.

In the last decade, video chatting, and video publishing has skyrocketed in popularity.

There is the problem where most videos are progressively downloaded. Nevertheless live streaming videos are also very popular.

I needed the best cam for streaming and decided to research some of the top cams on the market today.

My interested was not in Camcorders or professional video cameras. I was looking specifically for cameras made for live broadcasting.

So here they are, and in no particular order:



Video Quality

The biggest problems with webcams are video quality and hardware encoding.

These are serious concerns when considering the output of live streaming video for video chats, seminars, and other important forms of broadcasting.

Often the specific problems include speckling, and color gradient inconsistencies.

These issues are usually a result of severe processing of the video before it gets to the end user.


Processing of streams is done by compressing videos to allow smoother streaming on multiple devices.

YouTube often processes videos when you upload them. Live videos also get this types of treatment.

Videos that are low quality at the time of production and get processed a few times before delivery will produce a low-grade user experience.

Try to create the highest quality videos when possible.

USB and PC Issues

There is potential USB compatibility, and PC performance issues as well. With high-quality video specifically, the hardware on your computer must be able to handle the device.

It is the first level of processing and the most critical.

Community streaming websites like Twitch often need h.264 encoded videos for improved frame rates, which cams like the C920 may be perfect for – read more about this here.

The top webcams on the market can do 720+ pixel HD Video at 15-30fps.

And computers have live firewire, and live USB inputs to receive the video data. Most computers have USB 2.0 ports, so you do not need to worry about that.

Firewire based cams are great for streaming and can also be used with Camcorders.

Check your computer for the Firewire port before buying anything. You must also check the package of your webcam or camcorder for the Firewire connector because it’s often supplied.

No Firewire port? You can install a PCI card with Firewire ports. There must be an available slot on your motherboard for this upgrade.

Remember, it takes lots of CPU power to encode videos in real time for good quality streams.

You should look at the detailed technical specifications of these cameras on retail websites to make the best choice for your computer.

To Sum it Up

These are some of the best webcams for streaming, but there may be better cams on the market. I did not try all of these webcams myself.

Based on the specs, user feedback, and my personal experience with webcams, these cams stack up well against lesser quality/cheaper devices.

The device you buy should be perfectly compatible with your computer’s system. Don’t leave it to trial and error.

Remember, H.264 video compression is the popular encoding format today, so make sure your camera can support this.