How to Be a Blogger and Attract a Boatload of Customers

Female at table

Female at table

Why do you want to be a Blogger?

Do you want to be a Blogger for the fame?

Do you want to be a Blogger to earn a living, or even a side income?

It takes a lot of guts and creative energy to run a Blog.

It takes hard work, discipline, charisma, and pure determination, to run a high income earning Blog.

Are you crazy?

If you’re not crazy, maybe you’re a genius, ready to birth the next great Blog.

In any case, why are you

Choosing the Right Web Conferencing Service for You

With the price of gas, airline tickets, and other travel related items on the rise, more and more companies are looking for cost effective alternatives to sending their people around the country to attend meetings.

For many smart companies, the answer is a web conference, and there are many advantages to having employees meet one another from the comfort of their own offices.

Some of the many benefits of web based conference technology include:

  • Lower costs and fewer travel related delays
  • Greater productivity since employees do not have to leave their offices to attend meetings
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Ease of use
  • The ability to train large numbers of employees efficiently
  • No need for expensive conference rooms or meeting space

There are a number of companies who

Attractive, Modern, and Customizable Restaurant Templates

Wp Theme

Would you eat at a restaurant that looked horrible on the outside?

The website of a restaurant is a direct insight into it’s quality and it’s experience. Just like the front area of the restaurant itself.

If it looks bad, nobody will want to come in and give the great food a try.

A website that looks good can dramatically improve the initial perception of a restaurant to perspective patrons – again just like the actual front.

To achieve this on a small budget, a restaurant owner should choose from the best restaurant themes made for WordPress.

Other platforms will not subsists because they are not Open Source, or have millions of freelance developers working with it.

And most of all they cannot be extended with tens of thousands of plugins like WordPress.

A modern, attractive, easy to customize template made for WordPress can provide

Is the Tesla Powerwall Overpriced?


What is the Powerwall?

The Powerwall is a new commercial battery pack powered by solar energy and made for the common home. It will be produced by Tesla Motors Inc. and can be reserved on the Tesla Powerwall Website.

Powerwall batteries are made from lithium ion, available in 10kwh and 7kwh capacity, and outputs 350 to 450 volts. These units are mounted on the wall and are rechargeable. They require installation by a trained electrician and do not come with an AC-DC inverter.

What are some alternatives to Powerwall?

Cheap silicon batteries are in abundance these days. China produces millions every month. One example is deep cycle 6V lead calcium batteries which you can buy on Amazon. These can be combined with 120 watt solar panels and a 1700 watt inverter and produce more power than one Powerwall.

One drawback to using what’s currently available is

How to Use Established Standards to Create a Great Website

Ignoring standards in Web Development is like raising a child in the jungle. That child will not perform well in normal society when mature.

When you build anything, it must be adapted to the fundamental features of similar products. At least to some degree.

When I started building websites over 15 years ago, it was mostly by trial and error.

Like many Professional Web Developers who are self taught, I didn’t know much about conversion optimization, typography, vertical spacing, and the countless other ingredients that make a great website.

These are some of the standards that are critical to the success of a modern site or application.

Design and programming best practices were developed mostly through testing, experimentation, and analytic reviews. This is what gives it strength.

Industry tested approaches and techniques that are proven to work should be fairly reliable, right?

Most big companies didn’t know much about this as well, and many still don’t. Back then there were no major college level programs focusing on website development.

Don’t get me wrong, there

Save your Data and Sanity with an External Drive

One day just like any, you open your favorite browser and the screen goes blank. You press a bunch of buttons hoping it’s just a glitch, but nothing happens.

After several minuets of waiting, you decide to restart the computer. On start up, you get a blue screen displaying an error message. In short, your computer has crashed, taking thousands of family photos, videos, prized music, and even movie collections.

Even worse, your tax, other important documents, business related data, shortcuts, favorites, bookmarks, applications, and software are all gone.

You can try a data recovery service, but there is no guarantee the files can be retrieved.

You can get

5 Best Downloadable Logo Creation Software

Have you ever tried to make a logo, but failed in frustration? It’s surprisingly hard to design a logo isn’t it?

I’ve spent hours and even days trying to create something I can be happy with. It’s just not an ideal way to get something this critical done.

If you’re just like me – not a graphic designer, you should seriously consider looking through some of the best logo creation software currently selling to help you with the process.

What kind of logo can you create with a logo design program?

From thousands of elements to choose, various font styles, design templates and examples, and various graphic enhacements – the possibilities are endless with logo applications.

You should be able to develop something great in no time. And save some money doing it too.

I’ve personally used freestyle graphic software for years, and although I can get a decent logo made, I’m no expert even after all that time.

Great logos are like super talented people.

We are attracted to brands because of logos, and that adds directly to their bottom lines.

That’s why this list of logo makers was assembled. Crafting an asset that represents your company can be easy, and cost very little.

So here they are – and in no particular order:

1. Logo Design Studio 4

Logo Design Studio 4

This software is made by Summitsoft Corp. It includes over 1500 logo templates, 5000+ graphic objects and hundreds of font types and tag line examples. It has special effects for actions, animations, balloons and more. It's currently only available for PCs and weighs 484 MB.

2. Logo Design Studio Pro Vector

Logo Design Studio Pro

This software is made by Summitsoft Corp. It's much more robust than #1 above. It includes more than 2000 logo templates, over 6000 graphic objects, and over 500 tag line examples and font types. This software is also Vector based which is useful in producing broadly compatible logos. This software also has a sales dashboard that allows graphic designers easy management of their business. It's currently only available for PCs and weighs 1200 MB.

3. Xara 3D Maker

Xara 3d Maker

This software is made by Magix. Not exactly a logo maker, but works practically the same. It allows you to create 3d based animations. It includes over 1000 graphic elements, font types and textures. It also comes with 700+ animation layouts. This software is useful for flat, 3d or animated logos and banners with various export formats and image import capabilities. It's only available for Windows XP or Windows 7 based systems and weighs 20 MB.

4. Macware Logo Design Studio Pro v 2.0

Mac Logo Design Studio Pro

This software is made by Macware. It's specifically made for the Mac Computers. It includes over 1000 logo templates, 2000+ graphic elements that are editable. It also has 500 plus textures and backgrounds. But one thing I didn't notice is the amount of font types included. This software is not available for download but I listed it anyway because of the limited mac based software in the market.

5. Logo Designer for Mac or PC


This software was made by Individual Software. It available for both PC and Mac. This software was made to be simple and easy to use. It comes with over 150 font types, a step by step tutorial, animation features and 3 logo applications (whatever that means). It weighs 850MB.

Why is the design of a Logo important?

The Logo is the most powerful and dynamic attribute of a business. It can be central, or foundational.

When I say central, I mean, it feels like the value of the product comes from the logo. When I say foundational, I mean the logo feels like an institution supporting the product or service.

If the company is lucky enough, their logo can even become a pop culture icon.


Everything must be considered when designing a logo.

Everything, from the name of your company, the uniqueness of the logo, color scheme, main icon or artwork, font style, various media type compatibility, and the future use of the logo.

It’s like a face.

People get it wrong all the time, including me.

Your logo’s uniqueness

A logo should be one of a kind.

But, that does not mean every element of it must be unique.

It could be using a common font that many other logos have. Or a common object, like the sun, or a dog.

But the combination of fonts, an original graphic icon, and any other elements, is what will make your logo unique.

microsoft logo

Take a look at this logo above. Do you see how unoriginal the elements are?

Your logo’s color scheme

Colors are critical in your logo.

Colors have a subconscious influence when you are exposed to them.

For example, as you can guess, red evokes passion and excitement, while blue makes us feel warm and trusting.

Every color, from Yellow to Black makes us feel different, or interpret differently.

This article published by CoShedule is a comprehensive guide to color psychology in marketing. A must read if you care deeply about your branding strategy.

Your logo’s main icon

Most logos have a graphic icon. This is often very helpful but not absolutely required.

People remember images better than words.

This is the primary reason so many logos have a graphic next to the main text. The logo must leave an imprint on the people who come into contact with it. It must be memorable.

Your logo’s font style.

The font you chose for your logo must match the type of business you are in – usually.

But it should always be as simple as possible.

Unless you are in the Events business, stay away from those big fancy curly fonts.

Pick a font that looks good and looks the same everywhere.

When I say everywhere, I mean on the web, in print (magazine, business card, newspaper, letter head), on a store front signage, painted on grass – you get the idea.

Basically, it’s best when the font is standard, with clearly defined edges, strokes, and thickness.

Also keep in mind, logos are not always good as vector. Vector is limited.

Logos are more dynamic when you maintain a master copy that can be edited by an application.

This gives the you greater flexibility in producing logos of any size, and resolution.

And it also makes it print ready, or compatible with limited color devices if needed.

Problems with Freestyle graphic software.

You might be a person who need logos all the time, or just need a logo for one business.

You may not even have graphic design skills, but you still want to do it yourself.

It’s very nice to try Photoshop or Gimp, but ultimately, there is a freestyle aspect to these platforms.

Often they will not produce anything worth telling your wife about.

What you need is a solution made specifically for logo design.

You need something with thousands of elements, design options, layout templates, and various import and export features.


There aren’t that many options to help you with your logo creation efforts. And the list gets even slimmer for downloadable versions.

But I feel this list is very good and I would be satisfied with any of these options myself.

By the way I do use The Logo Creator V5 from Laughingbird.

But I don’t think that software is nearly as good as any from this list. This is because of the limited graphic elements, and font type options.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration software platform used by more than 75% of all Fortune 500 companies. This according to Microsoft who publicly launched it in 2001.

In those days it was used for intranets and managing documents. Today, its capabilities goes significantly beyond the original core features. This is possible because SharePoint is an Application Platform. This means third party developers can create plugins for it.

I must admit, I have very little experience with this software. So this article is mostly an exploratory piece. I want to examine it from the perspective of a Newbie and give you my initial review without bias.

What are the main features of SharePoint?

Cloud Collaboration: This software is a

How to Create the Best Social Media Campaigns on Google+

Vintage Ad

300 million active monthly users are on Google+, but who are they, and how do they actually use this network?

Well, 30% earn over 60 thousand a year, which is an interesting piece of data. I’m almost certain your customers are on this social network and 1/3 of them are not doing too badly.

Almost 50% are over 18 and under 25 years old. I want to know if this where the youths congregate now?

Think about this for a second. The young teens are primarily on mobile chat apps now, the “real” adults are traditionally on Facebook, and it seems folks between those two age groups are comfortable on Google Plus.

Google+ may not be

Does Google treat Social Pages Differently?

Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts, recently addressed the question of how social network pages are handled by the search engines in a video posted on YouTube. His answer was a bit misleading in my view.

So are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social signals part of Google’s ranking algorithm?

This is a very informative video that addresses several concerns including how social pages are crawled, and if likes, followers and links in posts affect search rankings.

Check it out here

To sum it up, he’s broadly saying social signals have no real impact on search results. What!?

But he did mention that some types of social network pages are crawled and ranked. This we already knew. The real issue he addressed was about links on those public social pages.

He claims this does not affect rankings of the social pages or the linked page. I’m not so sure if I heard that correctly.

I’m not sure what Matt is talking about. I find it hard to believe that social signals are not factors in their algorithm.

I can believe however, their of lack of access, privacy concerns, and I can understand their limitations in this area as a result.

What do you think? Is it smoke screens or the real deal?

How to Increase Your Website Traffic by 2000%

179,000 plus impressions in Google Search and barely 500 clicks! That’s the worst I’ve seen.

It’s like tending a Gold Mine and coming up empty everyday. This is the slow strangulation happening to a site I recently did some work on. I’m so unhappy about this, I decided to write this post to help other site owners avoid this problem.

Low CRT Serp Listings

At site launch these basics must be addressed

Do you know how to access your Webmaster Tools Account (WMT)? Do you even have an account?

A standard inclusion on any new website that I develop is WMT setup, XML sitemap creation, sitemap submission to WMT and ongoing site monitoring through the platform.

These simple set of tasks can

A Basic yet Essential Tutorial on Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a term for the service of storing and serving up the files of a website. The service provider is referred to as a Web Host. Godaddy, Blue Host, and Hostgator are examples of website hosting service providers.

So how exactly does web hosting work?

Well it’s very simple. A website is a collection of files. These files need to be stored on a computer’s hard drive.

Not only does it store the files, it must process and present the files after a request for those files has been made. In other words, they’re

Why Should I Buy an Ipad?

Over 100 million unites sold within 24 months. And we still have to ask this question?

The world went crazy for the Ipad Tablet. Except me of course. Yet it seemed like everybody wanted to buy one of these things. That’s why Apple Inc. moved so many of them when it was first released. Now that’s an impressive launch.

I don’t think people are still as excited for that particular product as they were a few years ago. With respect to it’s place in history, there are other options on the market now.

You can’t release a ground breaking product like the Ipad and not expect

Features of the Best Web Hosting Companies Reviewed

Hosting servers

Would you build a house on land that was unstable? I’m guessing the answer is no.

This same principle applies when reviewing services and looking for the best web hosting company for your website business.

Think for a moment if a server has a hiccup and the entire website is wiped out. Will the host be able to help?

A few years ago websites went down constantly whenever they were promoted on Digg. This happened because of the sudden spike in traffic that came from this site.

How will the host handle a similar problem if it was your website?

These are just two common problems. But don’t underestimate them. Having an established site crash while money is being made and customers are using the site is the worst case scenario. And this alone can drive a person crazy.

So it’s critical that you choose the right host from the start. Because

10 Quality Webcams for Live Streaming

Logitech C920 Webcam

Buying a webcam is like buying a used car. It can end up being a lemon, or your “old reliable”. Even if you bought a used cam, my list of the best webcams will not include any lemons.

In the last decade, video chatting, and video publishing has skyrocketed. And although most online videos must be downloaded before viewing, live streaming videos are also popular.

I needed a webcam for a video project and decided to research the best webcams for streaming and not just for recording. I’m not referring to Camcorders, I’m speaking about cameras made for live broadcasting.

So here they are, and in no particular order:

How to Growth Hack with Published Content

Search Traffic

When the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed, it powered the migration of thousands of people and the growth of countless towns and cities.

If you want to increase the traffic volumes your website is getting then consider these early railroads.

If there is a faster and easier way to get to a destination, people will use it. Even though they might not have thought to go there before. And if it cost nothing, the choice is almost a no-brainer.

These early migrants were already in America. Similarly, the pageviews you desire will be created by your site’s current user base, or your extended community.

More pageviews = more opportunities to convert sales.

There are lots of easy ways to improve a website’s pageviews. I will tell you what they are. These tips are not blackhat or unethical. These are simple solutions that are also force multipliers. They call this Growth Hacking today.

With the expense and time involved in driving new visitors to your site, you need one time fixes and updates that allow your site to capitalize on it’s current user base over time.

What usually stimulates multiple page views is

The cost of ignoring On-page SEO

Cost of No SEOThere are only so many things we can control. Algorithmic updates is not one of them. But what about ON PAGE SEO?

There are people who work very hard to solidify standards that even the Search Engines must adhere to.

Of course standards may only be enforced if there is true habituation by the masses.

So what’s costing you thousands of dollars every year?

Missing Sitemap

Your Website might have many pages with plenty of text content. If you’re still not receiving significant traffic, then perhaps your site is not properly indexed by Search Engines.

This could be caused by bad site navigation structure, lack of a

5 legitimate home based business ideas

work areaWe all know there are countless work at home scams shamelessly being pedaled online and even offline. A legitimate home based business can seem like a pipe dream to someone who has never ran one before. Often seeding these ideas require a lot of connections, capital and ground work. But I can propose some options that don’t require a big network, large amounts of money or years of ground work.

I”ll share with you three jobs I’ve tried my self. And two others I firmly stand behind. They require little to no money to start. But please take note, they do require a little bit of skills and training. So if you decide to try any of these, expect to put in at least one month of training. Also, try to have

How to Create a WordPress Template in 5 Minutes

To create a WordPress template (theme) in 5 minuets you will not start from scratch. There is no need for that when you want to quickly develop themes. The purpose of this article is to outline the fast track to theme creation (Not theme design, that is a different thing).

The benefit is a new theme ready for styling within minuets. It’s a jump start for designers and folks with low tech skills or interests. In other words, if you don’t want to deal with complex code. And you just want to spend time designing or making minor changes.

In many cases you are the developer for someone else, and a client wants something original. Or you want to sell templates to make some cash. This should be

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